Best Dog Parks in Seattle

by: Jo Montgomery

Ready to switch up your, and your pup’s, everyday walking routine with a jaunt to some of the best dog parks in Seattle?  We bet you are! We know that although you love the hustle and bustle of city life, your four-legged family member yearns for open space to run free and play with canine friends. The good news is that in Seattle, finding a reliable place to take your pooch to go running, or build up doggy social skills, is as easy as, well, wagging your tail! Seattle is a dog park-loving city, and there’s no shortage of first-rate dog parks to choose from.

Even if you already have a favorite Seattle dog park, visiting a new one can bring new smells, adventures and pals for your pup – not to mention break up the monotony for you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best dog parks in Seattle – many within walking distance of all six Seattle Windsor luxury communities. Our communities are dog-friendly by design. We want our four-legged members to feel just as pampered as our two-legged ones. So here they are, the dog parks we think will keep a spring in your and Fido’s steps.


Northacres Off-Leash Dog Area, 12718 1st Ave NE

The Northacres off-leash dog area is 1.6 acres of open spaces, trails, shade and trees. There are also some nice amenities for owners as well, like benches, chairs and a shady place to rest. The off-leash area is situated in the northeast corner of the park. However, we understand it can get a bit muddy after a rain, so make sure you’re prepared. And restrooms, play areas, playfields and picnic areas are close by.

Golden Gardens Park, 8498 Seaview Pl NW

Golden Garden’s off-leash area is not only large enough for your pup to run, but also features multiple watering stations. There’s a separate small dog area so the little guys can play safely. The one-acre off-leash section is located in the upper northern portion of the park. It’s a wide-open space covered in wood chips, which means less cleanup after playtime. There are also shade trees scattered throughout the off-leash portion, along with tables, benches and a small covered area that provides protection on rainy days. Parking and a restroom are nearby.

Warren G. Magnuson Park off-leash area, 7400 Sand Point Way NE

On a splendid mile-long stretch of Lake Washington shoreline, in northeast Seattle, is Magnuson Park. It’s the largest and most popular off-leash dog park in Seattle. The nine-acre park is the only Seattle off-leash spot with water access – more than four miles of walking trails along the shores of scenic Lake Washington. The park is also filled with amenities and features like wetland habitat, a boat launch, sports fields, a community garden, a community center, swimming beach, and more!

Woodland Park off-leash area, 1000 N 50th St

Woodland Park may not be the biggest off-leash dog park, but since it is situated on a slope, you and your pup will get plenty of exercise. It has benches for owners and a doggie drinking fountain to keep your pup cool and hydrated. There’s also a Small and Shy Dog Area if things get a little too rambunctious during “rush hour.”

Magnolia Manor Park, 3500 28th Ave W

The Magnolia Manor Off Leash Area is one of the few dog parks with spectacular views. The previous site of the Magnolia Reservoir, it was replaced with an underground system, surrounded with a chain link fence, and is now a 21,000-square-foot off leash area. It also has a “chuck it” game zone, dog drinking fountain, picnic table, benches and a walking path.

Regrade Dog Park, 2251 3rd Ave

It’s small but packed with fun! This .3-acre, off-leash dog park is smack dab in the heart of Belltown. A 5-foot-tall fence encloses the entire perimeter, and there are double “airlock” gates at each entrance so you know your pup will stay safe from area traffic. You won’t find grass in this park but you will enjoy the shade trees, benches, and running water.

Dr. Jose Rizal Park, 1007 12th Ave S

The Dr. Jose Rizal Park is another dog park with spectacular views – Puget Sound to the west and the Seattle Downtown skyline to the north. The park is a generous four-acres with a gated off-leash area that features a compacted gravel trail running through the middle. There’s fresh water for pooches and lots of fun to be had by all.

Blue Dog Pond, 1520 26th Ave S

The playful-looking giant reposing “blue dog” statue will let you know you’ve found Blue Dog Pond dog park. The 1.7-acre fully-fenced park is a wide, rectangular field ideal for playing fetch. It features running water and interesting art sculptures throughout the park. But plan ahead during the rainy season as it can get muddy.

Genesee Dog Park, 4513 S Genesee St

The Genesee Dog Park is a 2- acre, completely fenced area with two double-gated entrances. The park is covered in gravel, making it fairly mud-free in the winter and rainy season. It features a doggie drinking fountain and a Small and Shy Dog Area. Since the area is relatively flat, it’s easy to keep an eye on your pooch if you want to sit and relax.

Westcrest Park off-leash area, SW Henderson St

On a hill above and west of Boeing Field is Westcrest Park. It’s roughly 8.4 acres and features open spaces and paths. The off-leash area has a doggie drinking fountain, shaded areas, benches, and chairs, as well as a separate Small and Shy Dog Area. If you and your pup want to explore, both areas have a short hiking trail that is also off-leash. Plus, you’ll find restrooms, play areas and picnic areas nearby.