Living Within the Windsor Family

by: Jo Montgomery

If you’re like many of us enjoying the benefits of renting, you know what you want and what you don’t want. And it probably took some looking before you found just the right community to call home – the one that fit your lifestyle and your personality perfectly. That’s why the thought of moving, even for a good reason like a sweet promotion or tying the knot, is often accompanied by anxiety. While you can’t literally take your apartment, floors, walls and ceilings, with you to your new location, there are ways to replicate what you have, reduce moving anxiety and make the whole experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Windsor Communities is here to provide top tier customer service and make sure you feel taken care of every step of the way. Really!

Our new house – family

Take your apartment with you. Sort of. When we think of moving, we assume we have to leave everything we’ve established and start all over again. That’s not necessarily true. If you’re lucky enough to have found that apartment community that has everything you want and more, check to see if they have another location where you’re headed. Many communities, like Windsor Communities, have locations all around the country and offer incentives for staying within the Windsor family. This means you can keep the same quality and style, management commitment, services and policies, as well as the amenities you’ve come to enjoy.

De-clutter and purge before you move. According to Psychology Today, excess clutter causes stress, and letting it go can help you de-stress. There’s no sense in packing things, hauling them to your new place and trying to figure out where to put them, if you don’t really need or want them. Take the time to go through your stuff and decide what to keep, donate and toss out.

Plan for your move, and the unexpected. Planning can reduce moving anxiety. But remember, sometimes the best-laid plans need a little wiggle room in them. For instance, schedule your utilities to turn on the day before you arrive so you have them when you start moving in. And fill out one of those USPS change-of-address forms so you don’t miss any important mail. But, know that no matter how amazing your organizational and planning skills, life happens.  So, don’t allow small hiccups to let the air out of your mojo!

Schedule some “Me Time.”  Stress makes us less productive, and we need to be at the top of our game when we’re making a move.  That’s why it’s so important to add some de-stressing activities into your day, if you haven’t already. Activities like yoga, exercise and meditation don’t take much time, and can provide a balance that lowers and even eliminates moving anxiety. 

Unpack that schedule. If you have a schedule that is chock full, you’ll need to lighten the load around your move. Be proactive and block off time before, during and after your move. You’ll need it to get everything done and focus your energy on the move. Plus, you’ll feel more relaxed.

Count on family and friends. Your family and friends can provide much needed muscle power as well as emotional support. Talk to them about your move and you’ll be surprised how the good advice, and offers of help, pour in. 

Studies show that moving is one of the most stressful events in our lives. It’s changing, and most of us are not great with change. So, do what you can to reduce the stress and find joy in this new chapter of your life. Our few simple tips are a great place to start. Wherever you’re headed, chances are there’s a Windsor Community there. Take a look for yourself. While you’re at it, see how our residents describe their Windsor experience.