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Windsor Communities offers all active full-time employees a wide array of competitive benefits as part of their total compensation package. For any questions regarding benefits including rates and details of the programs, contact Human Resources.

Health Care Plan

Group medical coverage is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Employees are covered under the Blue Care Elect Preferred 90 with co-payments. The company and employees share in the premium cost. Employee premium contributions are made by payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis.

Dental Plan

Delta Dental Plan provides individual or family coverage with an annual maximum benefit of $1,500 per covered individual. The Plan provides 100% coverage for diagnostic and preventive services. After meeting a deductible, the Plan also pays 80% or 50% for restorative and other basic services, depending on the service performed. The company and employees share in the premium cost. Employee premium contributions are made by payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis.


GID offers fully insured voluntary vision care provided by EyeMed. This plan allows you to improve your health through a routine eye exam, while saving you money on your eye care purchases. The plan is available through thousands of provider locations participating in the EyeMed Select network.

Disability Insurance

The company provides short-term and long-term disability insurance for all full-time employees. These coverages provide income protection during periods in which an employee is prevented from working as a result of a covered accident or illness. The company pays the full cost of coverage for these policies.

  • Short-term disability provides a weekly benefit of 60% of base salary up to $1,000 per week, subject to certain reductions, with a maximum payable period of 13 weeks.
  • Long-term disability pays 60% of base salary up to $15,000 per month, subject to certain reductions and a 90-day elimination period.

Life Insurance

The company pays the full cost of life insurance benefit of two times annual base salary. Employees may obtain additional life insurance at their own expense.

Vacation Time/Personal Days

Employees earn vacation time based on length of continuous service. In addition, full-time employees may take two paid personal days each year to meet the need for personal time off, such as to observe a religious or other holiday.

Paid Days Per Calendar Year

Length of Service Vacation Days Personal Days
1 to 5 full years 10 2
6 to 10 full years 15 2
11 or more full years 20 2

Sick Time

Employees receive 6 paid sick days per year and may accumulate a maximum of 30 days.


Windsor Communities observes 9 paid holidays per year.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Windsor Communities offers all full-time employees an opportunity to participate in a tax savings program in which pre-tax dollars may be set aside through payroll deductions for qualified out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses.

Health Care Reimbursement Account

Pre-tax dollars can be set aside in a Health Care Reimbursement Account and used during the year to pay for qualified out-of-pocket health care expenses. Allowable expenses include plan deductibles, co-payments, and health care expenses not covered by Windsor Communities’s medical and dental plans.

Dependant Care Reimbursment Account

An employee may set aside pre-tax dollars in a Dependent Care Reimbursement Account to be used during the year to pay for expenses related to dependent care (including care for disabled adult dependents) that enables that employee to work.

Savings and Retirement Plan – 401(k)

The 401(k) retirement savings plan gives employees a unique opportunity to save and invest tax-deferred dollars. Employees may contribute pre-tax contributions from their eligible earnings up to the maximum amount allowed by law, which is $16,500.00 for 2011. Windsor Communities will add $.50 for each $1.00 that you contribute as pre-tax contributions, up to a maximum pre-tax contribution of 3% of your eligible earnings. Employees become vested on the company match portion incrementally over 5 years, reaching 100% after 5 years of service. Employees who have completed 30 days of service will be auto enrolled in the Plan during open enrollment periods in January and July, unless they decline enrollment.

Tuition Assistance

A Tuition Assistance Program is available to all full-time employees with at least one year of service. Windsor Communities encourages continuing education and reimburses for the cost of tuition, textbooks, registration, and laboratory fees up to a total of $2,500 per year for individual course work and up to $5,000 per year if enrolled in a degree program. Reimbursement is made at the conclusion of the course and is contingent upon achievement of a passing grade.

Career Apparel

Every Windsor Associate’s appearance is a representation of our status as a league of elite professionals within the industry. Therefore, every Windsor Associate is expected to present and maintain a clean, neat and conservatively professional appearance at all times. Career apparel enables us to distinguish and differentiate ourselves in the market. Each new full-time Associate will receive an initial contribution of $500 towards his or her Windsor–approved Career Apparel purchase. New Part-time Associates will receive a total of $250. Windsor will contribute an additional $500 towards replenishment of each full-time Associates Windsor-approved Career Apparel purchase and $250 for each part-time Associate in the spring and fall.

Performance Evaluations/Salary Reviews

All employees receive annual performance evaluations that are part of an overall employee performance management system. The performance management system is designed to fairly and accurately assess the annual performance of each individual, as well as chart education and development goals and identify future leaders in the company. Salary reviews are coordinated with performance evaluations.

Employee Referral Program

Windsor Communities rewards employees for referrals of qualified candidates to the company. The employee making the referral is paid:

  • $500 once the referred individual has worked at Windsor Communities for 90 days, and
  • $500 after the referred individual has worked at Windsor Communities for one year

Referrals of relatives do not qualify. Anyone at the level of Vice President or above is not eligible to participate in this incentive program.