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Windsor Communities recognizes and rewards associates for their exceptional achievements and for their contributions to the success of the overall mission of the company. The following recognition programs are celebrated throughout the year:

Employee of the Month

Recognition is given monthly to an associate from each region who has done an exceptional job.

Windsor All-Star Rallies

All associates gather regionally two times a year for a team building and peer acknowledged award celebration. Each award is strategically designed with Windsor’s ultimate performance goals in mind and to recognize our top performers. Awards include:

  • Leasing Shark
  • Star Associate
  • Marketing Magic
  • Total Commitment to Better Living

Service Awards

Service awards are given to employees for every five years of service with the company.

Annual Awards

  • Property Manager of the Year
  • Leasing Consultant of the Year
  • Maintenance Supervisor of the Year
  • Maintenance Employee of the Year

Dynamite Cup

The Dynamite Cup is given annually to the Windsor community with the lowest percentage of uncollected rent.

Comeback Property of the Year

This award is given annually to a Windsor community achieving a dramatic positive turnaround in performance.

Susan R. Thomson Financial and Technical Proficiency Award

This award recognizes a Windsor community’s proficiency in using automated information systems in the management of the property.