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Windsor Academy

Windsor Academy is a company-wide, intensive training program offering courses for all associates. This comprehensive effort represents Windsor Property Management Co.'s desire to encourage, promote and retain the industry's most talented people.

Investing in Our Greatest Asset

Education is designed to cover every aspect of the real estate and property management industries, offering employees new opportunities for growth and new avenues for advancement. Windsor’s management philosophy continues to focus on teamwork and promoting from within.

A Blended Learning Approach

To fulfill these goals, Windsor Academy has adopted a “blended learning approach,” using on-the-job coaching and the latest technologies to complement traditional classroom training. This strategy utilizes a combination of face-to-face meetings, online courses, collaborative tools, web seminars, video, intranet and traditional classroom training to provide efficient learning. Training sites have been established in central locations throughout the United States for classroom-based training. These locations were selected in order to keep travel cost effective and convenient for associates.

Career Tracks

In an effort to help our associates grow within the company, Windsor Academy offers Career Tracks. These tracks are designed to allow associates to complete prearranged blocks of classes that focus on specific disciplines. After successfully completing one track, associates then move to the track most befitting their goals and potential. The Career Tracks include:

  • Onboarding and Orientation
  • Introduction to Sales
  • Advanced Sales
  • Manager-in-Training (MIT)
  • Manager
  • Leadership
  • Supervisor-in-Training (SIT)
  • Hands-On Maintenance Workshops

Course material is added to the curriculum as needed to cover advanced and specialty subjects. Training resources are updated regularly to include feedback from the field, evaluations, class experience, new ideas and new policies.

The Training Department, Human Resources and Regional Staffs work closely together to ensure smooth transitions and mapped career paths for all associates from newly hired to newly promoted.

Leadership Opportunities

In addition to the Training Department, there are many other people that take part in teaching classes – Divisional Managers, Regional Vice Presidents, Department Heads and Academy Trainers/Coaches. The Academy Trainers/Coaches are chosen from our top performers out on the field based on their creativity, leadership skills and ability to grow into new and challenging positions. This elite group not only helps provide additional Windsor Academy classes across the nation, but also serves as the designated role models within our organization.