• The Manhattan - Denver, CO

  • South Park by Windsor - Los Angeles, CA

  • Cirrus - Seattle, WA

  • The Casey - Denver, CO

  • Domain by Windsor - Houston, TX

  • The Ashley - New York, NY

  • Glass House by Windsor - Dallas, TX

Rent with Rewards

As a Windsor Communities resident, you can earn points on rent with Bilt Rewards, our free resident rewards program. As part of the program, you also have access to the Bilt Mastercard – the only credit card that lets you pay rent with no fees. With Bilt, our residents can:

  • Pay rent with their Bilt card at no fee
  • Boost their credit scores with each on-time payment
  • Earn rewards points on your largest monthly expense: Rent
  • Redeem rewards points for future travel, home decor, rent credits or even a down payment on a home
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