Going-and Staying-Green

Windsor seeks to be an industry leader for sustainable apartment community management and operations through innovative technologies and best practices. We’re achieving green building certifications, implementing sustainability policies, and working with our residents, partners, and local communities for optimal impact.

Our Environmental Targets

We’re striving to provide our residents healthy living environments and to act as good neighbors. To do that, we’re focusing on best practices, initiatives, policies, and procedures that promote energy efficiency, water conservation, reduction of greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions, and waste diversion.

Energy Use

Reduce our water use intensity by 20% by 2027 from a 2017 baseline

Water Use

Reduce our water use intensity by 20% by 2027 from a 2017 baseline

Carbon Emissions

Reduce our carbon emissions intensity by 20% by 2027 from a 2017 baseline


Increase our annual Waste Diversion Rate to 50% by 2027

Environmental Initiatives

Slashing Energy Use

Windsor regularly upgrades and retrofits equipment to reduce energy consumption and save residents money. For example, we install ENERGY STAR certified washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and hot water heaters in new communities and while renovating current apartments. We’re also replacing fluorescent lighting with high-efficiency, longer-lasting LED bulbs.

Reducing Water Consumption

Windsor is updating plumbing fixtures and fittings with water-saving models during property renovations. We’re implementing smart irrigation systems that water landscaping only when it’s needed and immediately detect any leaks—saving millions of gallons of water per property annually.

Cutting Carbon Emissions

Energy from renewable sources produces little or no greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. That’s why Windsor installed solar energy systems at several properties in 2020. They’re now producing more than a million kWh of electricity yearly. Swapping in LED bulbs for fluorescent lighting is also eliminating many metric tons of C02-equivalent GHG emissions across multiple Windsor communities.

woman composting at her apartment home

Paring Waste

Windsor recycles items like furniture, exercise equipment, and kitchen cabinets as we renovate, and provides recycling programs and education for our residents. We have begun offering composting options to residents in multiple communities and hold electronic device recycling drives at several locations.

By the Numbers

As of the end of 2021, Windsor sustainability achievements Included:

leed logo

15 LEED Certified

energy star logo

17 ENERGY STAR Labeled Communities

27 Communities certified by IREM, NAHB NGBS, and Others

ev charging station

276 EV charging stations at 76 properties

399 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions eliminated by retrofitting LED bulbs in 8 properties

1+ million kWh of emission-free electricity generated by four on-site photovoltaic systems

Nearly 10 million gallons of water saved and nearly 6 million gallons of loss to leaks averted through smart irrigation at three properties

99% of Windsor properties with recycling programs

Residential ESG Operations
Residential ESG Operations

We create sustainable communities with our residents' health and well-being in mind.

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