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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn answers to our most asked questions. If you have a question not answered below, please contact Human Resources.

Interviewing FAQs

How do I prepare for an interview at Windsor?

Come prepared to fully discuss your background and be prepared to give specific examples of experience and accomplishments. Use our website to familiarize yourself with the job description as well as all information related to the company and the specific areas that you are interested in. Be prepared to ask any question you feel has not been answered in your information gathering.

What should I wear?

In most cases it would be professional business attire. The HR recruiter that you are working with should be able to answer that question for you prior to the interview. If you have forgotten to ask, then dress in professional business attire.

What should I bring to the interview?

You should bring (if available) a clean copy of your resume. If you do not have a resume then you should bring information on your previous employment, your salary history and at least three business references with contact information.

Will I need to fill out anything?

Yes. At the initial interview you will be required to complete an application along with a Drug Testing Consent Form and a Dispute Resolution Policy Applicant Acknowledgement.

How long does the hiring process take?

It can vary by position and number of applicants but you can expect at least three interviews before a hiring decision is made. Most times this includes an initial phone screening or an in person meeting to review your background, a second interview by the hiring manager and a third interview, which is generally the next level up from the hiring manager.

What is the interview process like?

Each position has a series of interview questions that have been designed to gather as much information as possible about a candidates experience and back ground.

Will I receive feedback on my interview?

You should receive feedback either in person or in writing. Questions regarding feedback should be directed to your HR recruiter.

Any advice on the whole process not previously mentioned?

Yes, relax and have fun! We know that interviewing can be a nerve-wracking experience but this is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn more about us as well. We feel that a well-informed applicant can walk away from this process with a clear picture of our organization so that you too can make the right decisions for your career. So please enjoy the process and most importantly, ask questions!

Career FAQs

What about salary?

We offer competitive salaries. Your starting salary will depend upon a number of factors including experience. Specific questions regarding your salary requirements and what we are offering should be discussed with your HR recruiter in the initial interview process.

Do you offer bonuses?

Performance based bonuses are available with many of our jobs. Bonuses can be paid quarterly or annually. Your HR recruiter can advise you of the bonus potential for the position you are applying for.

Do you offer any type of training program?

We are very proud of our training provided through Windsor Academy. Courses offered range from orientation to more specific management training. For more detailed information please check out Windsor Academy on this web site.

What type of benefits do you provide?

We offer a very competitive benefits package. For more details please see the Benefits page on this web site.