Life moves fast, and needs change.  That’s why we offer our Stay With Us Program, so you can be free to travel to say “yes!” to that new job, in a new city, without a second thought. Whether you need to move across town or across the country, have outgrown your current space, or are looking to downsize, Windsor has an option for you.  Stay within the Windsor Family, and we’ll help make your moving process a snap.

Onsite Transfers

Love your community, just not your space? No problem, we can easily transfer you into a larger, smaller or like-sized apartment.

Transfer to Another Windsor Community

Windsor has communities from coast to coast across the country. Let us find you the best fit for your new location.

Waived Application Fees

Twice is not as nice. Current Windsor residents do not have to pay an application fee to transfer to a new community.

Waived Administrative Fees

Moving can be expensive. You already paid for this once, we won’t make you do it again.

Waived Pet Deposits

Furry friends welcome! You’ve proven your pet is the best. We don’t need another deposit here.

2 Free Moving Days

Receive a rent credit for the last two days of your current lease so you can take those days to pack, move and begin your new adventure.

Want to Learn More?

Contact your current community’s team,
and they’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

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