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Earn Points on Rent

You can now earn points on rent with Bilt Rewards.
With this free Membership, you can earn points with each monthly payment and much more.

Using Your Bilt Points

Redeem the points you’ve earned to book travel with 100+ top airlines and hotels, to fund next month’s rent payment, to book group fitness classes, or even fund a down payment on a home.

woman on bike

2,500 points

Get back in the saddle and book your next SoulCycle class for just 2,500 points.

woman on surfboard

20,000 points

Hop to Hawaii and experience island paradise starting at 20,000 Bilt points if you transfer to HawaiianMiles.

piece of art

10,000 points

Redeem your Bilt points for an art piece created exclusively for Bilt members by this season’s featured artist.