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Energy Conservation


  • Windsor Communities employs a third party to audit properties to identify areas of opportunity in energy efficiency and resource consumption. Our efforts in one region resulted in an environmental impact equivalent of planting 94 acres of trees, preserving 735 barrels of oil & 191 tons of coal, reducing C0₂ emissions by 327 tons, and eliminating the electricity usage of 137 households annually!
  • Apartment homes are equipped with energy efficient appliances and/or high efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment that reduce energy usage.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs, motion sensors and photocells are used throughout the communities to manage overall energy usage.
  • To conserve water, most Windsor communities have sub-metered apartment homes, which studies show reduces residents’ water consumption and utility bills by up to 30%. Units are also fitted with low-flow toilets, faucets and shower heads further reducing overall consumption.
  • The implementation of LeakDetect technology, which detects real time leaks in apartments has saved our communities from needlessly losing thousands of gallons of excess water.
  • Rain sensors have been installed on irrigation systems to ensure that watering of the community grounds only occurs when necessary.