Our Commitment to Nurture Well-Being

Providing homes makes Windsor a people business. Dedication to our residents, employees, and the families and friends in our local communities drives our vision to advance sustainable communities. We embed ESG across the company and throughout our operations to promote healthy communities today—and for the future.

ESG: Three-Part Harmony

Three intertwining principles are essential to achieving our vision for sustainable communities. They underlie our work to make Windsor’s communities and our operations sustainable. They’re also foundational to our collaboration in local communities and beyond to contribute to healthy environments for our neighbors


We address the impact of our operations—energy and water use, carbon emissions & waste production—on the local environment and global climate change.


We factor in the societal impacts of our initiatives and strive to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion among our employees, management, and business partners.


How we lead and our procedures and controls ensure we meet legal and ethical standards and abide by our values in fulfilling our commitment to sustainability.

ESG Goals

Commitment to ESG

Windsor is dedicated to meaningful, lasting change. We develop and promote policies and programs to continually improve the health and safety of our employees and residents, from COVID-19 response to our Green Cleaning Guide to avoid contaminant exposure.

Invest in Our Communities

We reduce Windsor communities’ environmental risks and give back to their local neighborhoods. We partner with community organizations, helping deliver better environments to live, work, and play, and provide equitable access to safe, healthy living conditions.

Reduce Our Footprint

Windsor builds green and retrofits existing communities with water-saving fixtures, energy-efficient appliances and lighting, and EV charging stations. We implement best practices in green building design and operations, and help residents reduce their own footprints.

Measure Our Progress

Windsor is implementing a collaborative, data-driven approach to measure, report, and continuously improve our sustainability progress. We embrace and align with recognized sustainability and DEI best practices, standards, and benchmarks.

Environmental Impact

We seek innovative technologies, best practices and initiatives with the goal of reducing our footprint.

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